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Soul Food Online was started in 2001 I started the the site to preserve some of the old recipes and food traditions I learned from friends and family over the years. We all have grandmothers, mines was a fantastic cook. Growing up I took my grandmother's cooking for granted. I didn't understand not everyone can make tea cakes, dressing, sweet potato pie, greens and the other soul food treats we grew up eating. Not until I tried to cook those treats myself, I needed some help. Time, patience and my grandmother's instruction made me a good cook. Now I want to share my knowledge with you.

I love all types of food. I think that food is the best way to understand different cultures. You'll notice that I have recipes from all over, good food is good food. I like the way in other countries that meat is used more sparingly, more as a morsel for taste, but I also love a big old steak and huge hunk of brisket.

Most of what we call Soul Food can be described as southern poor farmer food. They ate what they grew in their gardens or collected wild.

Have a seat, a nice tall glass of peach ice tea and get ready to dive into some of the best cooking on the planet, Soul Food.




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